Demystified are these days now existing.
Coming to pry closed eyes open.
Abruptly to startle without finesse!
Demystified are these days now existing.
Many are surprised,
By the turn of events!

While those of fading power,
Scurry to seek shelter...
In their final hour.
Feel pushed up against,
Thick concrete walls...
Trying to avoid,
Being locked up behind...
Razor sharpened,
Barbed wire fences!

And still they search for excuses,
To relieve themselves from their blatant abuses...
And evidence of their offenses.

Inhumane they have been!
These misdeeds should get them lynched!
When secrets kept...
Find them inept!

But they create defenses 'still',
To hide behind lies in an overkill.
With attempts to deny and convince,
The laws in place...
Are to be changed; erased, replaced!
There are no boundaries set...
To limit their disgraces.
Touched by mental ills!

And those believed blinded,
By their dose of crimes ungrounded.
Rejoice when the time comes...
When these crooks are finally confined,
For their atrocities done!
And demystifying a reach for peace...
These thieves enjoyed,
Decreasing in pieces!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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