TG ( / Duarte, CA, USA)

De Nial

Dis river in Egypt, dis problem it not,
Denial it be, a big problem we got. Denial we put in a mirror, it go crack.
De face of de liar, career full of crap. Denial it always goes round from de start.
Denial goes well for awhile, from start. But just like all things, we live in dis life,
Denial it go round, to make great big strife. Denial gets deeper, de root do grow too.
Denial will catch-up, true liar, it do. De wise man who has a head on his shoulders,
Had better learn, "stop," his crimes do get bolder. In time dis denial, with root from de liar,
De lies de get deeper, dis pile gets higher. De one who is married to de liar, denial,
Divorce is de best way de root dis denial. De best way to void all dis denial mess,
Be watchin de liars, de ones who won't fess.

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