There She Sits

There she sits
her elbows resting on one knee
her head in her hand
waiting for someone to ask her to dance.
she continues to look around the room
then she sees him
she smiles and waves him over
he grins, obeying
then asks her to dance.
so they dance.
she tells him, come on lets go!
she drags him out the door
and pulls off her shoes,
tossing them aside.
she begins to run
pulling him along.
they race across the land
holding hands and laughing.
they run and run,
skimming water, touching mountains,
until they can't anymore
and laughing,
they fall down on soft grass.

(December 12,2006)

~i actually wrote this while listening to a song. i believe it's either a piece called The Butterfly or a piece called The Ashoken/The Contradiction.

by Vi Lanflagle

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