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Dead 2 Me
KB ( / Detroit, Michigan)

Dead 2 Me

my first love
it was you that i thought was sent from the heavens above
it was you i called my soul mate
my best friend the only one to whom i could relate
it was you i named my first born after
now my dear it is all a blur
i barely remember what we once were
you are now dead to me
for ten years i lived your fantasy
believing you as you told me i was your wife to be
only to find our what would be
you proposed and married another
thinking i would continue to be your lover
you were wrong
i will no longer play along
so to you i must say so long
you are now dead to me
oh, now you are getting a divorce
yea, whoopee, you are still my rejectee
you got married for the wrong reason
that's right she was having your son
do you know what destroyed my world
when you had me abort our baby girl
she was pregnant and so was i
yet it was me that told my unborn baby good bye
my #1 regret
was letting you control my mindset
and you wonder why
well let me be cut and dry
you are now dead to me
i hate to be so direct
but our love will never resurrect
the sight of you i detest
i suggest
you no longer sit and dwell
instead bid me fare well
and go straight to hell
because you are now dead to me

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The emotion is strong. I relate to it for having had it happen to me. Though I think your word play could of been more constructive and creative. Best of luck. Always, Amberlee