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Dead At Thirteen

Dead at thirteen,
another case of lead poisoning.
A stray bullet to the chest,
for some idiotic thing at best.
A great life cut short,
By someone who kills for sport.
A great talent denied,
By someone who has no pride.
A great mind forever lost,
By someone whose future was tossed.
A great chasm left behind,
By someone who's a blight on mankind.
A happy family destroyed beyond repair,
By someone who never learned to care.
Dead at thirteen,
just another case of lead poisoning.

(C)2016 Copyright Elena Plotkin

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Thanks for guns in topics section. At times I really thought you might have been talking about lead paint chips. Well, the victim may really have not been great nor the family happy, but STILL a life is a life; someone should have to pay a penalty for the crime! Well done. To MyPoemList. Bri :)
Great poem, very poignant. Against blind violence. Life is sacred, man has not learned to respect it. Good work, from good poetic heart.