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Dead Boy's Poem
CD ( / Belfast)

Dead Boy's Poem

Poem By Conúil Duffy

I just hang around now.
Not doing very much at al.
Not doing anyone any harm.
I assume yous looked at me.
Maybe you were shocked,
maybe you smiled,
maybe you simply didn't understand.

I'm coming down.
People are crying. I hope.
I don't know.
Maybe no-one even cares.
It would be fitting.

I imagine people muttering and gossiping.
terrible people, causing nothing but trouble.
I'd like to hear what people say,
my close friends, and my enemys too.
Does anyone care?
Even more important;
Does anyone understand?
I imagine not.

I'm a flower now.
Being pressed.
I've been dressed for the occasion.
I always did like a suit.
I hope people are having fun
and enjoying life.
I hope they're not crying
due to my dying.
What's the point in that?

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