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Dead For Lover Requests
AF ( / Los Angels)

Dead For Lover Requests

Poem By Aiden Florence

Don’t say anything
That’ll make me break again.

The truth cuts so deep
More than anything you ever felt in your life
Tears falling
Emotions shattering
And endless dejection
Until you realize
Your cutting yourself with your own gun

Never again would I tell the truth
If this is the outcome I have to live through

There’s no false apology
I did my part
It’s up to you to do the rest.

So come back with me
To where this all began
So we can leave this place
And never have to go through it again

Like you care…..that’s not what you wanted….

Take my knife
And stab it through my heart
That’ll show you what you wanted…
Me dead so you can revel in peace

Here I am
Lying dead
Cut me all you want
I can’t grant your wish again
I’m dead
That was your request
Enjoy it now
Till your hearts content
At least I’m free now
I won’t have to see myself in anguish ever again

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Comments (9)

Thats so nice good luck i liked it
Thats so nice good luck i liked it
yea 'Ouch' i like it a lot! ; ]
it makes me think 'ouch.' very well done. :)
You were kidding right? It was amazing.