TT (Jan 14,1983 / Vancouver, WA)

Dead Forest Alive

Slipping over mossy rocks that are sure to swallow me in
Small puddles of glacier water sit calmly beneath dead trees
The wind falls through a thick forest
And a blanket of mist gently warms dark grays
My brown sneaks away as the black dilates
The mist gives my eyes ten feet today

Four miles from your sea level slipping under the black night
I swallow my breaths and plead to the sky
“But why? ”
The mist brings gifts
Sharp eyes blink, look away, blink, then circle me
A weakened fist is my sword should they move toward
Each motion slow as a sloth mapping the freezing puddles
“What do you want from me? ” I muddle
My bones I suppose, but not yet
Not yet

The sun hides beneath reasons; its rays pierce the mist
They take the sharp eyes away for a time
Still shedding no natural path
I follow my lungs today; the heavier I breathe, the higher I am
The farther I am; the closer I am
To you; from you
I live the same day everyday, just shades colder

I slip into a puddle and the rocks spill my blood
My exhales deepen
And my blood spreads at the streams will, taking it back downhill
The gentle rocks clinch me with guiltless intentions
This is where they will take my bones then, ten feet from new faith
A new hope
The sun pores his shame on me as I look back
“Are you warm down there darling? ” My cheek rests on a wet rock
I whisper verses to your heart
As those sharp eyes tear my bones apart

by Timmy Tubbs

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