MH (10/13/1990 / )

Dead- Forever.

You know I love to lie here

dead center in the road,

watching the skies overwhelm my breathing.

When would it cease to be?

If the skies fell on top of me,

would it crush our bodies into one?

The sun is my child, I bear on my fingertips.

Wear me down to the core, and sleep like a corpse;

there's no reason for you to be here.

I'm getting mixed up with the seasons teasing me like this.

My senses are blessed with a curious lie; I can't keep disguising my world from you.

My right to fight is hushed with lilies and valleys

and never once did I wake from this dream.

Tell me stranger, does this look fancy to you?

My lips are sealed from the dripping paint from a ceiling,

so high to melt on to the feet of passerby's.

Oh why should I say it if I don't mean it?

I'm due to my bidding and I'm hung with shame.

If only I was drunk, this wouldn't hurt so bad;

can my eyes be ever so weak?

Baby please, don't wait up for me.

I'll draw the curtains back, revealing the better lighting

to a fighting force waiting to take a hold.

There's a silver lining, next to a greener grass,

But f*ck the past; ain't no ones gonna get a better time out of me.

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