Dead Inside

Poem By Jennifer Rondeau

I feel dead inside,
Feeling my body shaking,
Feeling the numbness,
Watching my tears fall down,
The fault was my own,
I caused these things to happen,
Can’t believe that I felt this pain I feel along,
I can’t do this alone,
I need someone to help me cope with this feeling I feel,
I never knew the pain I feel for so long,
I wanna feel as if I belong here,
I don’t want to feel dead inside no more,
My body is shaking its aching,
It’s the same way,
Same rhyme,
Same poems I write over and over again,
Some change, some stay the same,
I feel dead inside,
I am all alone,
Facing this pain alone,
No one there to help me.

Comments about Dead Inside

Tough times in your life always make you stronger and a better person.
Pain can be looked at as a strength to motovate yourself to be stronger in yourself .. its something i was told Isaac
Dear Jenn, Pain becomes familiar, and how we deal with it consumes the world, gives us its lesson. That's why we love it, you think? Pain teaches us who we are, and that is invaluable. Please don't get lost. You are a good soul and we need you. Phillip

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