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Dead Little Girl
CA (April 20 1991 / Pennsylvania sadly)

Dead Little Girl

The little white fingers
Poke out of the ground
A little white body
Waiting to be found
Lying in the field
Under some dirt
With bruise marks all over
And a ripped up shirt
I look at the body
And I feel it's pain
I sit there and cry
In the cold, hard rain
I lay down beside her
Grab her cold hand
Imagine her fear
When she was looking at that man
I pick her up
And hold her in my arms
Wishing I could have
Kept her safe from the harm
She rests in my hands
I hug her tight
I think about the things
That happened that night
My father got mad
Found a little girl
Took his anger out on her
When I saw her I hurled
He killed her that night
And now I miss her
Because that girl
Was my little sister

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wow this was an amazing writting.major twist ending and continue on your writting just keeps getting better.. yours truly