well losing is a lost
life is a gift
friends are people
family is everything
pain is hurt
dreams are wishes
tears are water
love is pain
I can't see how bad it hurts
the tears I cry are trying to wash away all the pain
I hurt for everyone
while no one hurts for me
my energy is drained
what did I do
my tearstand face
it all hurts to watch
now I know it hurts
and all my dreams are lost

by charity howard

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Perfection is not possible in humans or in the works of their hands or minds- -yet this is perfect. Not a word out of place, not an emotion left untouched. The last two lines are, I swear, , perfect. - - - - - And not far from the pits, these bones of ours, Burned, bleached, and splintering, are shoveled, ready for the fields.