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Dead Memories Never Die

Dead memories-
they dont die!
....... in the graveyard of your mind.

Ressurrected back to life
they feed
the nightmares of your night!

From deep, cerebral slumber
come dead memories you'l remember-
.......the ones you thought you buried alive,

but dead memories
never die!


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Wow! ...Wow! ...Wow! ...I am left speechless... nothing to be added... eloquent, precise...brevity at its best! ......the definition, the explains your pseudonym.
sure it is not easy to scrap memories out of our hearts.
Memories my friend get implanted in your sub-conscious. They are triggered by certain emotions or certain images. They lie dormant like dead memories, but they are not dead, only dormant waiting for the right trigger to set them off.
very true..bad memories are always jus below the surface..threatening to resurface! I love your perspective
Beautiful narrative.. You are talented. Congrats and thanks for sharing... Cheers