Dead Men Tell No Tales

They say that dead men tell no tales!

Except of barges with red sails
And sailors mad for nightingales;

Except of jongleurs stretched at ease
Beside old highways through the trees;

Except of dying moons that break
The hearts of lads who lie awake;

Except of fortresses in shade,
And heroes crumbled and betrayed.

But dead men tell no tales, they say!

Except old tales that burn away
The stifling tapestries of day:

Old tales of life, of love and hate,
Of time and space, and will, and fate.

by Haniel Long

Comments (4)

Don't they? ? ? They tell no lies Except.... and the list never ends
This is too wonderful. Of a truth the dead tale tell tales through their past acts or deeds
Superb, loved the surrealistic imagery and the wonderful rhyms. A poem not to forget
Though I knew of the title DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES, I did not know it was the title of a HANIEL LONG poem and now that I know, I enjoy both it and the poem very much. Robert Burns