Dead On The Railroad Tracks

And so this is it; this is where my life has lead
standing here on the railroad tracks
Tradgedy takes hold and soon I shall lay dead
Dont turn me around from facing the facts

You dont need to care
and I dont need to scream
I'll lay down my hair
but not this one dead dream

They couldnt let me go
and I couldnt let go either
I just want them to know
THat they didnt need to bother

Lay down these eyes and these lips
But never let go of what I've wanted for so long
Miserable tears fall onto painted finger tips
Life fast and die young cuz I couldnt be strong

So dont wake me up; breathing hurts too much
The train will arive along with it my blood all over
My wounds are better dead and untouched
I wanted heat but instead its been getting colder

Stand here
and take a bow
No tears
just a bow

the lights leave these hazel eyes
And I fall to the ground
No more pain; no more lies
Just screaming voices all around

The people are screaming
but I dont hear them anymore
ITs come true; no more dreaming
This is what I've waited for

I couldnt ask for a better death
Waking up finally to see the facts
breathing only broken breathe
Dead on the railroad tracks

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