Dead Sister

Poem By sara canto

death took her away
and she livin' in oblivion.

everyone says
its not my fault;


I was the one who introduced her to the streets,
as her sister I cry...
she lying beneath my feet.

anger took charge
I made a remark to avenge her
my definition of avenge?
drinking, drugs,
asking death for a ride.

I was so lost.
Lost in plain darkness.
I wonder what it feel like to live in the gutter

now im just livin with the arts.
Hoe i find the queen of hearts.

Im at the end of my bridge.
I hope i dont cringe to the slowing of my heart.

Last night i painted my wrists.
With what?
My blood.

Im coming dear sister

But hey
I dont need no pity
I dont need no jitty hugs or love

I found my place
And thats nexts to my sister grave
And no im not weeping
Instead im sleeping

Im with you forever.

Comments about Dead Sister

part of my twin sister died. I wanted to write about it......
A poignant poem full of emotion and despair. It is interesting that as people we tend to chase death, even as we try to run away from it. Well done, my condolences.
Looks like a dreadful scenario, Sara. Part of me cries with you, Sara, (or whom the poem was about) and another part of me wants to give some advise The first part tries to make the second part quiet, but it seems to fail. The second part wants to shout forgiveness. Forgiving one self, forgiving others, accepting our own imperfections and deficiencies. Love can be big, grief can be humongous. The worst part of the monster of grief is the feeling of guilt. I believe in the deepest of my heart that the person we love forgive us anything automatically. No matter what the outcome, we did not want that and if we knew, we would have done differently. Self forgiveness, forgiving each other, a gift, a skill set to us from the universal soul Be quiet now, second part. A tear A moving poem.
I was so lost. every time I wanted to get out I couldn't I'm lost in plain darkness I guess the only way to get out is by... stopping the heart....... in dark moments we take decisions which can lead us beyond our expectations....... in such moments call the name of God and Jesus is sure to come for your help. God comes often in such dare moments through human beings to us. God bless you.tony

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