LR (7/22/89 / Rochester NY)

Dead Soul

Truths turn to dust…
You thought you were safe there,
in your land of disease.
But you left yourself open,
and got lost in the breeze.

One foul whiff was all it took…
Your mind has turned to mush
and your body starts to decay.
Soon all that’ll be left of you,
is a mindless slave of rage

Smell blood in the wind…
Wander through deserted towns,
eating flesh wherever found.
Eating not for nourishment,
but to quench your thirst for blood.

More survivors…
Slowly lurching rotten flesh,
that’s what you are and can’t don’t forget.
But they don’t know, and they’re so afraid.
Sensing danger they pull out blades.

Slashing, biting, no pain…
Reflexes gone, you’re much too slow.
But once again they’ll never know,
until it’s too late and you’ll steal the show.
Their attacks are in vain cause you feel no pain.

Sweet seduction…
You bite, they bleed. Infection seeds.
So much hunger, can’t fight the need.
One by one they become you.
Cloned from the infection you’ve succumbed to.

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