Dead To Me

Poem By Ramona Thompson

I loved you once so much
Too damm much some would say
In my heart you became a obession
Not a minute in day would go by
Without me thinking of you
You were my world
My everything
So perfect
My angel
Till that one moment came
Your betrayal shot through me like a gun
That day I made this vow
This promise from which I know I will never waver
From now until the end of time
My friend
You are dead to me

I won't cry
No, not anymore
Those days like the friendship we once shared is over
Too much of my time and energy has already been wasted
Mourning over your loss
Mending my broken heart
I won't forget the man you were
Those good times that we shared will be the memories I will forever cherish
I will never forgive the man you later became
The sad pitful excuse of a man she made you
When I needed you the most
You were't there
That is something that I can never and will never get over
That is what poisoned us
Rather you believe it or not
It is your fault and hers that I no longer wish to ever speak to or hear from you again
I'm sorry
So very sorry as you should be too
From this moment forward
You are dead to me

I wish
I really do that things between us could be different
That we could go back to the way we used to be
Before she came along and ruined it all
She changed you and not for the better my friend
God, what happened to us?
When did fate decide to part us forever?
You know I never got the chance to tell you
How I really felt
Hidden away for so long
Deep down inside
Someday I wanted you to be
More then a friend
So much more
Too late now
You've made your choice and I'm made mine
No going back
No apologys accepted
You made your bed
Now you have to lie in it
Beside her and all her cruel ways
Hope she's worth the price you'll gonna pay
For the rest of your life
You are dead to me

Tell me
How does it feel?
To betray a friend?
To stab in the back
The only person who you know really cares about you
Cut to the quick
Damm you
Don't think I'll ever be able to get over it
Feels like I'm dying inside
Burning alive in Hell
The Hell you sent me to
The moment you choose her over us
I trusted you
I believed you
I was always there
Guess I should have known better
Ain't no man alive that a woman can really trust
Maybe I own you a thank you for that
Finally saw the light
Nothing lasts forever
I know that now
Thanks to you
You are....

Dead to me

Comments about Dead To Me

Well the feeling of anger, despair, hurt, and sadness can be felt throughout this read. The flow of it went very well. I truly hope that one day you may find the peace and joy you seek in your heart. Scott

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