(11/09/46 / freelance oregon)

Dead To The World The Knowledge Is A Thread '84

pull on my shirt
make me naked
the thread was leaking into your hand
but i resolved myself
and took you hostage
inside my house
the language was spoken
i said i was a guard
and you told a story of a fraud
well i let you bleed me
into your teeth and out of your mouth
the words were spoken
the length of your hair
i wasnt scared for a moment
but in a moments time i died
and you pulled me away
from myself and my thoughts
and i cared for noone
but the pulling twig
growing out from the stem
i felt the air calm me
and i awoke when
i said your hurting me
then you called your best friend
and said he broke me
but i was left here
a sallow in the greatest game i ever known
you pulling me towards you like a thread

by Wilkins Driver

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