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Dead Town
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Dead Town

I drove in to a town thats dead
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed

I'm seeing things and the things I'm hearing
This ghost town I will be leaving

The children's eyes are white as milk
And they feel chalky not like silk

I'm seeing skulls and bones of those long since gone
The feeling of this town can't be right, its all wrong

I see a lake of fire, I realize this is the portal to hell
I must find a way out before my soul becomes unwell

The town folk have fire in their eyes
But I can see right through their lies

Don't go out at night or you'll be consumed
Lies all the others have assumed

Never to return, but forgotten they're not
Although the flames they feel are oh so hot

Lost souls that never found their way
And now this town wants me to stay

Why haven't I left, why ain't I gone
I sit here and sing the holy songs

In this lonely old motel room
Feelings of impending doom

Hookers are calling my name
Trying to make me go insane

There's no one here but me
But the voices are something I can see

Inner demons and outer forces
I should leave tonight with a thousand horses

Leave forever and never return
But mistakes I make I never learn

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