A New Leaf

A new leaf comes out of an old leaf
The young must get old
The old must give way for the new old
The spider keeps weaving the web of life and death
Repeatitous cycles of life cyclically run and sleep
The new leaf comes out of old bud
Spring sprouts out to find new fun
The gun went off killing dozens
The poems get rusted
So I kick them out
The air is humid
Air conditioning blasting in and out
UK ties with US 1-1 in world cup soccer 2010
Mandela grand-daughter get killed in car accident on the inaugural day
While South Africa tied with Mexico 1-1
I have a test in the morning
Yet I don't feel like studying
What's the use of education, meditation, war, money, wine, women
There's no escape of death
Religion only makes it worse
The poorly lit back alleys are haunted by teen prostitutes
Coke and cocaine give rise to premature death
Diseases and discomfort
Dresses and diurnal drapes undress to arrest the lust of the priests
and press
Devoid of water the woods wither
Devoid of love the lovers depart
What's the use of speech
While speech begets disbelief
The air is humid
Rain is likely to bring some relief
Modern amenities run on electricity
Cars run on machines
New sexual allegations for the old priests
Every day scandals spread like smoke in the fire-escape
The pull of gravity causes the beauty to not to brag
The blue bells, the blue bird dance and lament
Inequality, injustice pervade
The umbra, the penumbra occurs infrequent
I hear the sothing music of silence
I hear the cry of the innocence
I see the unseen
I see that cannot be seen
I see the faces of sin
Sinking dark and deep
I can hear the cynic talking
I can hear the agnostic refuting
I can see the color of life fainting, fading away by and by
I can feel the taste of fresh fish in my naked skin
I can feel the grip of love deep in my skin
I can see the faces of screams
Or the fountains of spring
Gushing up and up in amazing speed
I can predict the sailing of the ship
Or the misty meadow mist
I can feel her unsafe
I can feel her in cave
I like the roses red
I like the lily late
I like to rest on her nubile, beauteous breasts
I like to breathe afresh
I like to wake up safe
I like to walk in the woods
I like to talk with the ghosts
I like to muse with the Muse
I have a few pew
I have no foes
I have few friends
I like tofo
I like sofo
I like cofo
I like mofo
What can I say
I know you think I'm imbalance
But I don't give a damn as what you think of my realm
Even care less
If you hate every line of my poem! ! !

by Ujjol Kamal

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