To live again, I
will not come after dying for
you. Resurrection?

by Satish Verma Click to read full poem

Comments about Deadbeat

Khairul Ahsan 07 Jun 11:52
Congratulations on your poem being chosen as the 'Member Poem Of The Day'! The last stanza of the poem is thought provoking.
Kevin Patrick 07 Jun 07:04
The only thing immortal is dust, and the memory lost in the wind. Thoughtful and meditative work, it lingers in the mind. Well chosen for poem of the day.
Chinedu Dike 07 Jun 03:23
A concise and insightful verse. A witty philosophical reflection.
Bill Cantrell 07 Jun 08:49
An outstanding poem rightfully selected as poem of the day, congratulations
Dr Tony Brahmin 07 Jun 07:36
I ask the dust, when did you slip from the moon to kiss immortal? What a wonderful imagination my dear poet. tony
To live again, I will not come after dying for you. Resurrection? Congratulations
as usual, this poem takes us to greater height to Moon, as the dust slipped from it to kiss the immortal.. Thank you for sharing...Congratulations!
Ratnakar Mandlik 07 Jun 04:15
A philosophical introvert and intriguing poem with deep meaning. Congrats on selection as poem of the day second time.
Mahtab Bangalee 07 Jun 04:11
Deadbeat epitaph slipping from the moon to arrange anniversary...............congrats..........
Ratnakar Mandlik 07 Jun 2019 11:56
A meaningful and thought provoking deadbeat. Congrats on poem of the Day.
Jayatissa K.Liyanage 07 Jun 2019 11:28
Don't leave a cut on the sandstone to mark the anniversary............What a profound message to the society! Great stuff. Congrats on your positioning X
Anil Kumar Panda 07 Jun 2019 09:20
Great poem indeed. Touching....Congrats.
Edward Kofi Louis 07 Jun 2019 08:20
To live again! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Dr Tony Brahmin 07 Jun 2019 08:18
Don't leave a cut on the sandstone to mark the anniversary. in a very gentle way and in simple style you wrote a fine poem full of imagination. tony
Kumarmani Mahakul 07 Jun 2019 03:53
Beautiful poem. Thanks and congratulation for being chosen as the member poem of the poem of the day.
Jane Campion 07 Jun 2019 02:15
Your last stanza is outstanding.
Mahtab Bangalee 07 Jun 2019 01:04
death cannot touch the dust immortally!
Sylvia Frances Chan 07 Jun 2019 12:33
Congratulations for being chosen as The Member Poem Of The Day. A thought provoking poem.
Matthew Holloway 07 Jun 2019 12:15
A interesting read, congratulations on poem of the day
Butch Decatoria 07 Jun 2019 12:11
Well done, impactful with lesser words but powerful profundity. Congrats on POD poem of the day....