RB ( / Los Angelos, California)

Deadly Addiction

God, I am asking
what's wrong with me?
I have a problem
as you can see.
It's been my reality
time and again
fighting this battle
I never win.
I can't change the past
it always will be
and this addiction I have
is hell to me.
I try to be good
but it don't last to long
the cravings I feel
dominate strong.
Shadowed by darkness
no one else sees
they don't understand
these ties holding me.
Is it worth living
this torturous pain?
Got nothing to lose
got nothing to gain.
My body is aching
my soul needs a rest
my mind is screaming
to get out of this mess.
There's no where to run to
and no place to hide
this pain is all mine
til the day that I die.
So, please take me now
for I'm ready to go
release these chains
I can no longer hold.
My serenity lies
under a concrete stone
lay me in peace
as I travel home.

by Rene' Bennett

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