LS (July 1,1991 / Laguna Niguel)

Deadly Happiness

I love the way it mesmorizes me
Hides the pain I see
It's wonderful for my mind
Much better than cyanide
Just a few sips
Letting the liquid pass my lips
Even with the harsh taste
I swallow the bottle with haste
Suddenly things begin to move slow
My mind is starting to let go
My pain and sorrow is forgotten
I stop feeling so rotten
Replace the frown with a smile
I keep this habit up for a while
Let the liquid poison my life
Yet I had no idea it held such a price
I began to depend on it
Cant even go one day without it
My friends tell me I have a problem
I choose not to listen to them
So my life spirals farther down
Until I hit rock bottom
If I go without it I cry, freak out and scream
I now realize that it seems
Im an alcoholic at fifteen
I couldnt handle the pain so I hid
I hate what this did
Cant even focus without it
I wish my life could be the same
As it was when i was sane
I didnt realize how much was at stake
My wake up call was causing my mind to break
Everday for six months
And because of this stunt
My whole life is conflicted
Because im still Addicted.

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