PIH (17/09/1987 / )

=deaf, Blind And Dumb

Deaf Ears To The Various Sounds
Shredding Apart The Unwanted Songs
Selectively Receipting Only Your Mellifluous Voice
Heart’s Gathering Just The Words That Your Mouth Drops
Lucky Are My Deaf Ears – For They Have That Choice.

Blind Eyes To The Various Paraded Spectacles
Frosting The Sight’s They Abjure To See
Experiencing Lovely Blindness On Seeing A Man Of Miracle
Yearning To Trace The Structure Of His Face
Sinking In The Azure Eyes – To Witness The Warmth Rise.

Lips Stir, But Words Desist To Formulate
Hoping To Utter ‘The Three Romantic Words’
In Marvel, To The Stars My Thoughts Catapult
Unable To Express Love, While Contrasting Are The Feelings In Me You Evoke
Senses Surrender To You, A Rather Sweet Surrender.

Intrigued By You I’ve Turned
‘Deaf, Blind And Dumb’
Wishing My Charisma Has Had Your Senses Churned
Have You Also Become - Deaf, Blind and Dumb?

(4 September 2006)

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the power of love is expressed with the magic of your words and the magic of love is expressed with the power of your words.
I like the choice of words.
What can I say? Words fail me, you have astounded me with your talent.
hey preets, nice write... keep it up! ! love asma...
In the mad throes of love....yes, my dear...one becomes deaf, blind and dumb to the whole world except your love....which becomes your whole cosmos... You have come of age....far beyond your years.Keep it up! ! ! Love...TO
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