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Deafening Decline~

Breathing in serenity outweighs death
Four to five hour party of dealers of meth?
Our eyes & ears filled with distress
Will the cops come- not holding our breath;
Their night drowned in whiskey & gin
With nary a question of where any had been
Perhaps they are truly knee deep in sin
Perhaps in this war the good guys can't win;
The night breaks with their noise & shatters the once still
If anxiety were a martini - all of us would have our fill
So many hours and hours of their loud shrill
Moving to our neighborhood - a hard to swallow - bitter pill;

By, Theodora Onken

May 19,2013

Dedicated to: Wales & Mexico

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Thank you David for your kind words.
Lovely story that rhymes and flows great.
Gajanan, Thank you for the comment. Yes, we are all sinners. Some worse than others.This was a write about a once peaceful semi-retirement neighborhood- a quiet, peaceful, upper middle class, going to church, older neighborhood.. It is a sad write about crime... when it gets too close to home...where the new neighbors stick out like sore thumbs...where there is constant vehicles and traffic on the weekends and revelry that isturbed the is a poem about the intrigue of crime rings and indirectly about the greed and lack of conscience that people like these have...spreading their menace drugs, like meth, cocaine, and heroin. It is a much deeper write than i have let on and it is filled with a little background from the help of a few friends involved in law enforcement on the federal level. i have read some of your poetry but will have another look. Again, thank you.
we are all in sin, good write, I invite you to read my poems and comment