(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Deal Appropriately!

Only democracy allows full freedom with constitution
Controlling extremism not raising its ugly head ever..!
Despite this nice mechanism violence, hatred and all
Human ill feelings create blemish to the beauty here!

The micro mischief of some is like a mole that poses as
A big mountain creating fear among the gentle giant,
That is the mass of humanity very meek and humble
Full of imagination making nothing as something big!

These are happening due to the wish of many for a
Settled way of doing to live a peaceful and satisfying
Life dear to them and ready to face shadow boxing of
Some who never directly say or do anything good ever!

What is the use of fearing darkness sans using the torch
Of knowledge to face, deal or overcame it appropriately?

by Ramesh T A

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