Deal With It

This so called home,
It feels like hell,
I hate it here,
Get new pains everyday,
Wanting to run away,
No where to go,
Might as well stay here,
Hopefully It will get better,
Trying to relieve everything,
Slowly getting better,
Talking things out,
My point should be made,
If you don't get it,
Then get away from me,
Don't wana deal with your stupidity,
As mad as I am,
I can change...Hopefully,
Just need support,
From friends and family,
One day my sun will shine bright,
I wana live one day,
Without a fight,
But for now,
I'll do whats right,
And deal with this life
Ashlee Pasowicz

by Ashlee Pasowicz

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one grows stronger after every pain..and he will know better how to deal with it..'one day my sun will shine bright'..wonderfully written..