This is the revelation of the unseen,
The revolution of; WE CAN ACTUALLY BE FREE
All these rules, regulations, boundaries
I swear they mean nothing
If I’m not allowed,
I’ll do it anyways
I’ll do it to see that shocked look on your face
I’ll break the rules... to hear them say,
all of them blames,
all of them proclaiming shame
Never knew I could be so much
influence, inflict, infect, a generation and not feel a single thing
I push them,
They push back
I slap them,
They strike back
I hold them
Compassion is an emotion we all lack
Strangling my every word,
Sucking the meaning out of life
Confused from outside in, and upside down, turning all the wrong into right
Turning my laughs into sighs
Every time I see them refrain,
Pretending that by being your self there is nothing to gain
Too bad they don’t realize it frees your mind
Unlocks doors, opens your eyes
Of all the things you could do in your life
Living should be number one
Caught in the shadows of others, sinking lower, drowning and as you choke
I stand their shaking my head;
I am ashamed
I thought I taught you so much more,
Looking to that mirror
Starting into my eyes, and I see everyone except me
Every mistake; some repeated twice,
Every lie I’ve believed is burned into my skin
It’s the evolution of my soul,
The epiphany of life, but, I’m just the epitome of failure
Backing down and pretending I don’t wanna try
I’m playing the role of Ophelia, saying everything I’ve ever wanted
Pretending I have no respect,
just feeling nothing is left, I don’t care if I die
Built my own ark twenty miles high,
Climbed in ready for the joy ride, the earth cried that night,
Lakes into rivers, rivers into seas, and seas into oceans
Tears we call rain, but, its just god crying...
An entire world sinking Noah wouldn’t have been able to believe his own eyes
I look into the mirror again, smile, close my eyes
Swiftly shift into depression mode, and start to pretend it’s all alright,
Oh, how I hate these days when I just don’t know how to deal with life

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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