Deano my Deano
Yorkshire your mother land
Land of Luv’s
Land of Bread cakes
Sheffield, Land where you live

Deano my Deano
A land of great rumours
Deano my Deano
Land of the Arts Tower
A land were students live

Deano my Deano
A land blessed by Cod & Mushy pea
On the day of relegation
Red God threw a strop
Coal like rain
He dropped some acid like rain

Deano my Deano

by Zachariah Lovespoon

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mes is comin up on it big styel man, ahm record it to ma c90 init sos ah can lay back an chill n let them pctures be painted it do me good wile ahm far away from hom livin in Ghana ah miss Walkley so much keep up the good work Lewis