Dear Agnes


Agnes was certainly no beauty by any
standard of the day, not even 'pretty'
really. Not the type anyone would
notice as she'd scurry through a room.

Surely her stress ridden life added to
the many wrinkles and dark circles
that plagued her face, and the weathered
look of her eyes and skin, and sunken

To meet her gaze was to witness a far
off, blank expression, where once
emotion and thought were reflected.

Until the day she came toward me with
a box. She sat by me, looked into my
eyes, and spoke in a manner and voice
I'd never heard from her...almost

She explained how she'd saved and
saved, secretly, with the hope that
one day she'd find something she
believed in strongly enough to invest
in...and, that day was today, and that
'something' was ME!

As she spoke, I came to see her in a
different light. With each passing
sentence carried by her voice, the
wrinkles and ravages of time seemed
to fade. With each passing minute,
the years in her eyes seemed to melt
away and her light shone through,
and I could swear I saw her once
young, vibrant self, smiling at me.

In that small, significant pocket of time
she had looked upon me and found
someone who needed her, once again
truly needed her, and I had found in
her someone who believed, finally truly me.

-by Mercurychyld

by Maria E. Labbe

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