Dear Ann Landers

Poem By Keri Jopplin

As I write my poems of sorrow,
Maybe we'll be heard today or t'morrow.
I write this for children who haven't been heard,
Silently we cry to scared to say a word.

Many years we've hidden feeling like dirt;
Many nights we've laid, covered in hurt.
Standing alone sadly with tears in our eyes,
Not one single soul hears our very silent cries.

Dear sweet Jesus, please be our guest;
Take the b*stards souls and send them to rest!
Our hearts are all broken and some may not mend;
Please! Dear family…. your love, can you lend?

We ask for no pity, a lil' support and hope;
We want to live and be happy, not just cope.
A lot of us are dead now by our own hand;
Won't someone listen? And surely we'll stand,

Cause someone will read this just watch and see;
And fight for the rights and for this child in me!
Let's all take some action and bring it to court;
You in black robes write your report.

Send it to the papers or write Ann Landers,
Tell them the truth and they'll be no slander.
I'm an Incest survivor and this is my plea,
Now that it's out, I won't let it be!

Keri Jopplin
Revised; 6/27/2000

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