'Dear Ann, '

'There is this girl
She is my world
When I'm with her my head starts
To wirl
Because shes the one
I'm sure of that
I want to make that a fact

I'm waiting for you
Waiting for you to see that
I'm the one and only truth

I'm not mad to see
That you don't believe
But I promise you
That I'm not the one to deceive

Ill wait as long as I can
Because you and me already have a plan:
Spend life together
Forever and ever
Not forever and never
But to be with each other
Not another

I'm laying here saying
When will we be again?

Then I hear the wind
And I start to grin
Because I know I'm about to win

So I close my eyes
Trying to see if they are lies
But all I feel now defies
All lies

Forcing myself awake
I blink and start to sink
Because my dream was lost
And will never last

I burst into tears
Because those are my fears
That even in years
You wont even think to be near
So I wouldn't have the cure

I'm writing this so
You could see what I fear
I want you to know
That I'm truly the truth
And that I really do
Love you

Please tell me you do too
And that you believe
That I wont break this
Promise I have made
To you
The promise that I wont

So tell me you Love me
Tell it to me true
Because I
Love you

From this moment you
To forever when you see
Ill be here waiting
To give you my glee
With no fee
I just want you
To Love me

Every time we meet
It will always be an amazing
Your really great
I want you to forever
Be my date
Someone who is way greater
Than anything Fate can make

Love you now, Loved you then
I know you have a heart I can mend
Ill do absolutely everything
To make you grin
And to have God take away
All our Sins

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by Bryan Hammond

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