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Dear Anna Nicole Smith....
TH (23-09-1969 / Vellore)

Dear Anna Nicole Smith....

Poem By TheBigThinkg Human

Dear Anna Nicole Smith
The world calls you a myth
Of American dreams and passions
For Fame, Fortune and Fashion

You were blossoming; Still a bud
When you Grafted on your love and wed
Germinating directly to parenthood
Growing your own roots, alone you stood!

Life is a journey not easy to ride
When swimming against the tide
You left nothing on you to hide
To seek a life of glory and pride

Male hormones fed on the sight of your curves
Media Barons fed on the stress on your nerves
The world watched on TV with glee
The pain of your life and its reality

All through the life u had fought
I wish and hope you got what u sought
Let your kid live with ease!
Let your thoughts give us peace!

We all, Convicts of our thoughts
Judges not; Judge her not!
In every life, there is a lesson
Learning it is called as 'evolution'.

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