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Dear Anonymous
JH (04-03-1987 / Oklahoma)

Dear Anonymous

Dear anonymous, there is this girl I cannot stop thinking about.
I’ve know her a little while and she makes my thoughts crawl about.
Without her knowing that I care for her, how will she come to know?
I’ve got to tell her to make her understand though.
She is an amazing girl that will make your mouth dropp to the floor.
Her beauty and charisma is enough to make you go crazy for sure.
She has an ability to make you laugh and feel good about it.
She can search your mind and heart thoroughly bit by bit.
I have never seen her put herself first before her friends.
I want her to; I want to know her from beginning to end.
We all have one life to live so why not tell her how I feel.
How do I show her I am not fake, but the real deal?
It’s weird because I don’t know her the way I long to.
I know she has a complicated wall built for me and for you.
She has a sensitive heart that has been broken and needs me.
She needs a guy she can count on and that’s who I should be.
Even if it means to be her friend and hold her.
That’s fine, I know by telling her this I am her heart ache cure.
We may be distant physically but not mentally.
I know I have to hold her heart gently.
She is amazing or she wouldn’t be on my mind.
I wouldn’t just say this for her to smile one time.
I am here for her and I am not going to leave.
For her friendship and love I will not beg and plead.
But at this moment she has to know what she has accomplished.
She has to know that she has caught me and I don’t diminish.
I honestly care for this girl so much its unexplainable.
She has to know even if she thinks it’s unbelievable.
I am not going another day till she knows.
Which she will know when my true love shows.
Thanks anonymous for the time you have given me.
Now she knows that with her or by her side is where I want to be.

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she sounds a nice person. This is good poem too.