DD (6/11/54 / Darwen England)

Dear Aunt Judy

Dear, dear aunt Judy
the best aunt anyone
could have.
She was kind in every way
Never forgot my Birthday! ! !
I love her so much,
and she is out of Touch.
But I KNOW She is
with me all the time,
and now she can have a
cup of tea,
with Grandma Lucy

RIP Dear Aunt Judy, the aunt I love.

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Comments (4)

Dave, while reading this, I could picture your Grandma Lucy and Aunt Judy sitting, enjoying that cup of tea. You paint a very good picture in this piece. Lovely Dave, I like it very much.--Melvina
She WILL be there with you all the time, Dave. People like your Aunt Judy live on forever. Love, Fran xx
Awwwww Dave...that poem was so touching. Three Cheers to Aunt Lucy! Hugs, Dee
A table so right, and fountain as light, she will drink from a better cup, in sipping she looks down and thinks: What a great boy, then winks Love Duncan X