Dear Aunt Tripta

My dear aunt
Where are you?
In heaven, I s'pose
You were meant to be there

Elegant in your starched whiTe cotton sarees
Your dark hair in a fashionable french twist
Your laughing eyes behind the spectacles
The bold red bindi adorning your radiant brow

Do you still have that funny tick
Little Abha asks?
Of scratching your throat
I often imitated you, (you know)

And when mom scolded me
I pretended
I had a frog in my larynx
Trying to tickle me

How are you my KS
I often think about you, you know
But probably you do
The fact that poetry

Gushes through me
Is because you are up there
tipping your creative cup over me
and smiling generously

I love you dear aunt Tripta
I know you are at peace now.
Stay in touch........
with your POF.

by Monita Soni

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good poem for remembering someone