SLB (September 6th / Calgary, Canada.)

* Dear Courage...

What am I to do
when even eternally
I'm shivering from fright,
instead of from the wind?

Am I to draw close
to flames that shimmer
in crackling darkness
on a night like this?

Or shall I lean into you
while dreaming of the
summers days of the old-
times when I was self assured?

With sadness I walk
this plank through valleys,
though I have not yet expired.
I this my last mile?

For I do not wish to exit
this lonely passage way, while
feeling all I knew was survival.
Dear Courage...will you visit again?

Written on February 26th 2008.

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Comments (4)

an artful write...shivering mind akin to shivering flames...wind augmenting the word 'shimmer' there...good work, ten for this
i really admired your courage...
courage when endeared, fright seems to shiver by the wind closeness happens to blaze by the flames even in deep darkness as even if shadowed as sadness seems to respires as when alone even if lonely i do never exit the passge as when endeared, most commanding yet luscious,10/10 as i promised by the talents......well penned, thanks for sharing
This is not poem's end my friend. There's lots more yet to be written. Best wishes!