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Where Has Time Gone?

Where has time gone to,
my son,
where has it gone,
where fled?
I among the living,
you among the dead.

Do my words
still reach you?
Do you still hear me
in my darkest night,
see me in my wandering
in dreams to find you
along the dark corridors
of that hospital wing,
passed ghostly figures
on a different way?

Time has gone,
has fled,
my son,
and where you were
in my heart,
a piece has been ripped,
leaving a hole
where a wind of loss
rushes though.

Were you there that night
when the realization
of your death
shocked me on waking?

You see me and know
that my aged heart
through loss of you
is aching.

Where has time gone,
my son,
where has it fled?
I here at a loss,
you at rest,
in peace
amongst the dead.

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Comments (3)

I love the ending! Great write!
Amazing write, you drew me right in. I give you a 10.
You almost hate to use the term 'Dear Dad.' I know I can't. Not in talking about this. This is really a letter of sorts. I wish this kind of thing were not so common, but I have read a ton of these. I believe some people are walking disasters. This is a story of one of them. No fun reading this. GW62