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Dear 'Dad'
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Dear 'Dad'

Couldn't you see what you were doing
All the pain you were causing
Not just for her but for all of us
How many times did we cry ourselves to sleep

Did you even notice?
Where was the love?
It had to be there at some time
Didn't it?

Why would you marry someone you hated sooo much
Or did you just love her too much?
Did you think you'd love her to death?
Or just pretty close to it

Because the girl you married died a long time ago
The very first time you raised your hand to strike her
You should have waved goodbye to her innocence
Those are bruises that never heal

Didn't you see it?
Didn't you care?
Maybe you thought you should love her tell it hurts
MIssion accomplished

I guessed you loved us all then
Because you didn't stop until we all were hurt
Six broken children
Wallowing in grief

Each left with a unique disability
A lack of love
or maybe all of the above

Some turned to the bottle others to the books
A quest for perfection or determined for destruction
We all became royally screwed up
And I just want to say

Thanks 'Father'

The daughter you'll never see

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Comments (3)

I love the ending! Great write!
Amazing write, you drew me right in. I give you a 10.
You almost hate to use the term 'Dear Dad.' I know I can't. Not in talking about this. This is really a letter of sorts. I wish this kind of thing were not so common, but I have read a ton of these. I believe some people are walking disasters. This is a story of one of them. No fun reading this. GW62