JR (04/16/1984 / Dallas)

Dear Dad

I Hate You
To me you are a disgrace.
I despise everything about you, even that cynical look on your face.

I want no part of you, not even your last name.
Now I don’t have to hold my head down in shame.

I wish your blood didn't flow through my vein.
Maybe in your absence I will alleviate some of my pain.

I want nothing to do with you nothing at all;
I was happy when on Christmas day you didn't call.

I wonder how could my mom settle for someone like you?
You treated her like you were a Nazi and she was a Jew.

You are a coward, you think by leaving all of your problems will disappear?
Growing up to be like you is probably my biggest fear

The pain you did cause only made me stronger.
It is for that reason alone I wish you would have stayed longer.

I can promise you one thing. I will make something of myself.
However, It won't be because you were here.
It'll be because you left.

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James, this is a good one. Keep the good work up.