Dear Daddy

You were a good father to me.
You were there when I was learning how to ride a bike,
To make sure I wouldn't fall
You would hold on to me

You would always make me smile when you came home.
You would hold your arms open,
for you knew I would jump on you
so you were really to hold me

You were so close to me
When I would learn how to swim
for it was my first time
Your hands would hold me

Then you let me fall

I fell from the bike
I fell from the unwelcome hug
I fell from you not holding on

all these years
Now you choose to let go
And let me feel all this pain
That has let a scar
So deep and so hurt

I cry from the pain
Yet you say it's not your fault
Everything is on mom
When you know it was you

Why lie when I have opened my eyes?
Why point the finger at her
When I have already pointed my finger at you?

You won't even say sorry
Nor would you even care


You were a good father
You are a great actor

I just hope
That God would forgive you
The way I can't forgive you

I just pray
That you would just admitted
That it was YOU who caused my pain

I lost you
You disappeared from me
Yet who is the man that looks like you?

Daddy I love you
Daddy I miss you
But I can't forgive you

by Tears of sorrow ...

Comments (5)

you can feel your pain... i love how you went from helping you ride to bike to letting you fall.
Few kinds of grief tear greater at our soul... however, peace can come eventually, while still alive, when one does the work of healing. I wish you this write well... one day you may see how to let go and find acceptance and renewed life.
oh! full of pain and love! .....well expressed.
The pain that you feel is expressed ever well in your words you have written. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to give to those that may have may have caused you pain, but it something we must do in order for our own lives to be able to move. Thank you for sharing this write with us. May your heart one day once again be filled with peace and joy. Scott
this one kinda reminds me of me a lil bit cuz i never met my real dad. so i dont know wat it felt like to have a dad then lose him. but i do have a step dad that has been here for me since i was 3. hopefully he doesnt step out of my life.