Dear Daddy

'Daddy I'm a big girl now...'

I wish i weren't...

I met two boys at school...
Both are handsome and strong

The first is silly, and likes to read a lot. He taught me how to swing dance behind the library. He tells me I'm beautiful.

The second is talented. he can sing and play the piano. He tells me I have talent. He pushes me. He tells me I'm beautiful.

The first shows me that kind...good, people still thrive. He works hard and protects this country. He likes MST3K, and you'll never meet a bigger Star Wars nerd.

The Second scares me. I give everything to him and he just takes...demands... all of it without giving back. He likes to watch anime, and to cook for people.

I will marry the first boy someday daddy! !

the second boy is dying daddy... I'm scared...

by Michelle Elaine

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