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Dear Daddy:
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Dear Daddy:

In your moment of pleasure that held no seconds or time; did you ever think that I would be conceived, did it even cross your mine. May be it didn't, I'll never know; but from the time that you planted me, I started to grow.

It took nine months for me to form; in case you didn't know, that is the norm. Mother, was determined that on her own strength she would stand; provide for me, protect me, comfort me-you know, your job as a man. Then came the time for me to be born; I popped into this world all shaken, afraid and worn. When I got here, I realized I couldn't see; all I wanted was to be safe in the strong hands of my Daddy.

At first things were hazy, but then I started to see, I saw colors, shapes, people; all smiling at me. I started to scoot, coo, babble, and craw; man you should have seen me I was doing it all. I stood, then I stepped and I started to walk; and after a while, I even started to talk. I wondered and wondered how could this be; why is my Daddy's face the one I don't see?

One year passed, then two, three and four, then came five, and then six, and I headed out the door. It was time for me to learn the golden rule; yes, it was time for me to go to school. I could never let Mommy know I felt afraid and alone, I needed you near; all those big people and strange faces, I had everything to fear. This world was so big, I prayed and I asked for you by name; we both know, that you never came. Where were you? I asked? And I ask you again; I needed you, wanted you, you should have held my hand.

But as the years passed me by and I continued to grow; I realized it was hopeless to hope because you would never show. You missed all the wonderful things that I did; simply because you weren't a man, so you hid.

A Daddy's a man that takes care of his own, he protects them, and keeps them safe from all of the unknown. I wanted to write you and tell you I have grown; with the love of my Mother, the only real love I have known. I thank God in heaven for her sweet touch, that kept me safe and protected when I needed you so much.

I decided to write you, oh not to complain; I have drawn the conclusion that you must not be sane. How could you not be there when I need you the most; how could you look into my eyes and try to even boast. What did you do for me? I ask you today; I paid support to you Mother, that's all you could say. Then you have the nerve to say you're a man; I don't see anyone patting your back or even shaking your hand.

I wrote you this letter, just to let you know; that even without you I continue to grow. So don't give yourself credit for what you did not do; I am no longer shocked, because you are just being you.
The Fatherless Child

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