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Dear: Daddy,

Dear: Daddy,

Poem By Eudora M.A.S.S.A.

Sometimes I think I'll never get away from you...
Sometimes I think I'll never get to do the things I want to do.
Sometimes I cry... and I die a little inside.
I dont want to waste my whole life...

Dreaming of a place far from here
Dreaming of the things I hold dear
You dont know how much you're hurting me
Dear: Daddy,
You think you are never wrong
And you expect me to be strong
You don't know how much I want to get away from you.

I keep dreaming of someone else to take your place
Im trying to dream of a better you
That's just impossible for me to do.
All I see is your hate... your anger and distaste

Everytime we 'talk'.... I walk away in tears
Everyday you become worse than my own fears...
Everytime I'm close you push me away
Everyday you make it harder for me to stay.

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