Dear Dead Women

Dear dead women
dancing to immortal songs
hair swaying, silky and long-
do you mind to take along
a head whose crown none ever owned;
whose hair, with gods were poorly sewn,
whose shoulders lay on her back as stones;
in her soul, pain and anguish only were sown...
her face, if beauty once tarried, it long was gone-

Dear dead women
spinning to immortal songs,
do you mind to take along
a woman who sings thy dreary songs-
thy eerie graves, her new-found home,
her heart, shattered, taken by none,
her sheer memories, not one ever shone;
her dreams, dead long ago, she does but mourn;
in her eyes, if life once tarried, it long ago was gone-

Dear dead women
whirling to immortal songs...
do take along
a woman with my name.

by Jessel Jane Tevar Toring

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its mind-boggling................
thankyou for sharing.its a nice poem.immortal songs... well done..!