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Dear Devon. You Started And Ended In Heaven

Dear Devon.
You started and ended in Heaven

You went out one night
Not knowing you had to put up a fight

But no one knew it was your last
They rushed you to Crozer fast

But it wasn’t enough
It was too tough

They had to fly you out
To the Children’s Hospital no doubt

That one night and half a day was so long
And that morning the doctor was wrong

He said that you had passed
But that didn’t last

It was a mistake
But later that day there was a retake

Your family made a decision
Although it wasn’t their mission

At 3: 02 they took you off life support
And at that moment your life was too short

Everyone was so upset
You are a person that no one will ever forget

I can’t believe you’re gone
You’re in the hearts of tons

You started and ended in Heaven

June 10,1994 – January 4,2008

Love Your Friend,
Stephanie Gross

by Stephanie Gross

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