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Dear Dja Baby Boori
(2 May 1961 - 5 July 2006 / Melbourne / Australia)

Dear Dja Baby Boori

<i>(Dedicated to all the Dja Dja Wrung people and their ancestors)</i>

Poor Dja Baby boori, disrespectfully
stolen, ninety nine years ago,
now returned to your ancestors
place or dreaming and your

Rest peacefully dear dja baby boori,
wrapped warmly in possum skins,
comforted, loved, respectfully
returned, to your place of dreaming,
your home

Traditional Dja Dja Wrung Way,
body spirit – spirit body
respectfully mourned
respectfully buried
respectfully remembered

Traditional Dja Dja Wrung Way
high in the boughs of the beautiful
gnarled bended gumtree, from
all those years ago

Surrounded in possum skins,
comforted and blessed,
Dja Baby Boori girl is

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