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Dear Draft Box, Dear Inbox

Dear Draft Box,
You are the only real friend I have,
I can say anything to you,
I can write anything to you,
You always make me feel safe.

Dear Draft Box,
It is scary when we move to that other stage,
That other place,
The Inbox,
There, we expose ourselves,
For who we really are.

But then,
Here is the truth,
Right now,
This is what I am,
Perhaps this time will pass.

Dear Inbox,
Give me the chance,
Please be fair,
And just with me,
Don't judge me,
Because I only write what I feel right now,
Perhaps by the time this message gets to you,
I shall decide I am someone else all together.

Know this,
My Draft box is my heart,
My Inbox my tongue,
Too late, too late,
When all is said and done,
The draft box is a safer place,
To keep my thoughts,
And fears,
And hopes,
And dreams.

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Comments (4)

I liked that you personified something that is not usually personified but is really a part of us and you gave it a new meaning get up the good work love it!
i like the draft box heart and inbox tongue connections. Tim
This is great! Such an original idea, and the way you have expressed flows so easily! Great work from you, as always! : -) ~~Elya Thorn~~
There is always a risk when releasing your dreams, it takes a great strength, glad to know that you have this quality, Love Duncan