Dear Father

Poem By Phatheka 'Sweet Blaq Rose' Azania

Will you...
Forgive me my Father
The wrongs we have thus done to ur sons and daughters
Who walk without fathers and mothers
For the dirty hungry children through their fears tears them no one sees and hears
Trying to speak invisible words
Forgive us my Father for they have forgotten the sons and daughters the Hectors the Petersons the girl without a name who lay beneath your soil
Whose souls they sold to buy us this freedom on Freedom day as we freely fratenise with bottles and wines
Forgive me my Father for we have gravely sinned....sinned against little girls whose innocence we took
Whose smiles once bright we tainted
Forgive me for the mothers whose backs carried us whose wombs gave birth to us whose lives then perished like animals slaughtered at these hands of us
Forgive us
for the Somalian children whose hunger continues to feed the greedy needy bellies of politicians and presidents the residents of Langa
Are screaming from your folktales and lies the skies will one day be bright
Taking and taking from them till there will one day be nothing left to take
the earth will cry bare the rivers will run dry and nature shall ask why!
Forgive me my Africa for Black has lost its conciousness
Injury to one is an injury to none
Forgive me my my my if I lose my ways and walk back from this day today, steal a glance, a smile a remembrance to yesterday night admire the footprints that leads back to a proud Black Steve Biko the wisdom that once was the strength that once took comfort in a young youth a Black nation united....
Forgive me my Father
Who Art in Heaven
For Thine is Your Kingdom!

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