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Dear Friend
CS (March 30-1950 / Magnolia, Arkansas)

Dear Friend

Poem By Carolyn Sears

Hey, my friend so dear to me
I pray this Friday to bring you
Lots of cheer..
I know you are far away
But, am sending you this

Because I miss you so
Lend me your ear and listen
A let me whisper something
To you,
Because I sent you a very
Special prayer today..
Cause you are my special friend
And you mean a bunch to me..

I’m sending you a teddy bear
Just to let you know
I Care...
Their is always someone around
The bend that cares..
And will lend you a helping hand
Every time your spirit begain
To weaken..

Just give your teddy a big, big hug
And watch how big your smile
I sent you this little message
Cause you mean a lot to me..
A good friend is like a angel
Will never leave your side..
In your time of need...
To all my friends..

God Bless & keep the pray warm
In your heart..
Someone always need a pray, love & a hug

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